A Sneak Peek Into Online Classes

Curious what an live online class is like? It’s really just like being in a brick & mortar studio… without all the headache of getting there, travel time, babysitter problems, and the social stigma of “will I fit in?” and “what if I can’t do what everybody else is doing?”

I’ve built an online classroom environment that allows for classmate interaction, we arrive early just like in a brick & mortar and we laugh and talk to each other about our lives and our day. We see each other on-screen – we call it the “Brady Bunch View”… lol, so we can talk before class and then once class starts you can pin me up to your screen and just see me and clearly understand the lessons being taught for the day. –Actually, even better than you could from the back of the room in a brick & mortar.

Classes are approachable for most levels of adult mobility. That includes my pain warriors of all types like: autoimmune, post surgery, painful & locked up joints, anxiety/depression… and all the other reasons the adult body becomes stiff and painful. I also specialize in stabilizing healthy ranges of movement & teaching anyone willing to do the work how to coax the adult nervous system and joints in healthy long-range mobility.

Even after my diagnosis of severe Sero+ Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have achieved and continue to be able to practice some contortion-grade mobility work and in some areas I am more flexible now than before RA shut my body down. It all comes down to being taught proper and professional mobility movements… and those don’t include what your 200/500hr yoga teacher is selling to you ;). 

Below you’ll find some snapshots into a typical class set-up for us. I can see you & you can see me. I give you direct feedack on your movements and correct you just like in-person. Actually – tech allows for an even better vantage point for both of us. No need to be nervous or scared about being live & online! Book your class today!

XO,  💕Jenni

Receive direct feedback as you move!

Set up in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you can connect to the interwebs 🙂

Special Event Classes Live 

The “Brady Bunch” View. Chat & Meet New Classmates!

1-1 Training Sesssions Available!

Feel in Control of Your Body Again. No Stigma, No Fluff.