@Immersion Yoga Experience of a Lifetime


Our goal is to create a training experience unlike anything that currently exists. @Immersion experience is for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of yoga and its practices, history, and methods for experiencing life to the fullest.

We saw a need for those who wanted to learn but didn’t want to take a teacher training, and also couldn’t leave their life for a month to go study in some far away place. We continually see a need to train up coming teachers in proper methodology and introduce the Vidya to the next generation before it is completely lost to the commercialism of Yoga media. Our way is not the right way, or the only way… It is a way, the way of our teachers going back through solid historical traces. We intend to create a platform from which you will feel confident to do your own research, ask tough questions about modern practices, and begin to recognize the new from the historical.

Whether you just want to learn, or want to teach…
we’ve got you covered.

3 Key Ingredients


Paying Homage to Our Ancestors Who Lit the Way for Us to Learn Today

  • Trace the history of yogic practices and important manuscripts for learning
  • Become familiar with ancient stories which help us understand devotion
  • Understand how the posture practice fits into the picture
  • Demystifying Tantra: The Science of Higher Consciousness
  • Carl Jung, 1932 and the effect on modern day practices


Without a Solid Foundation, the Pitfalls Can Be Many

  • Learn the foundation of your body, how it works and how it shouldn’t
  • Complete guidance in beginning breath practices and diaphragm training
  • Using 3D technology, understand how to correct imbalances in your body
  • Receive guidance in physical and energetic alignment principles
  • Learn to sequence based on the body’s natural intelligence*


Without Continuous Practice, Its All Just a Head Trip

  • Engage in closed session and public practices to receive hands on adjustments as you learn to apply alignment principles
  • Swadhaya: Self-Study; Engage in a self study module which will introduce you to the practice of jnana (educational/philosophical yogic study)
  • Practicum: Engage in hands-on classroom learning, no other program in the Midwest offers this type of learning*
  • The Business of Yoga: Learn the New Language of Independent Contracting*

@Immersion Requirements

* Additional Requirements for + Optional @E200 YTT

  • 18 years of Age or Older
  • Ability to Complete Physical Course Requirements
  • Ability to Complete Self-Study Work Requirements
  • Mobile Tablet or Computer for use of Digital Manual & 3D Technology App

Meet Your Instructors

Jenni & Ross

2017 Update! Weekly Meetings Now on Saturdays

+ Optional
@E200 YTT

Thank you for your interest in Evolutions @ Yoga’s @Immersion
+ Optional @E200
Yoga Teacher Training!
We are extremely excited to offer an evolutionary experience for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of yoga and its practices, history, and methods for experiencing life to the fullest!!

Our Goal

Create a training experience unlike anything that currently exists!

@Immersion Dates

Registration Deadline:
Aug 1st, 2017

2017 Immersion Dates:

Aug 12 – Dec 9 2017

@Immersion Saturdays,
Aug – Dec, 9am-1pm

@Immersion Weekends,
Sept. 15-16,
Oct. 13-14 (Required),
Nov. 17-18, Dec. 8-9
Friday 6:30-10pm
Saturday 9am-12pm + 2-5pm

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