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YOUR PERSONAL EVOLUTION Myofascial Rx® Yoga & Ayurvedic Wellness Program


Welcome to the future of wellness.

Myofascial Rx® is born out of a love for the body. A whole integrated body. A body that heals itself, a body that thrives, emotions that are stable, and a mental constitution that is steadfast and strong. Myofascial Rx® combines the postures of yoga, breath training, ayurveda, the wisdom of our true energetic system, western medicine, psychology, sociology, detailed anatomy, myofascial and trigger point releases, and intelligent movement reconditioning to lead you to your optimum level of health and well-being.  

The term myofascia is nothing new, but it is relatively new to many people outside of medical fields. The term is becoming popular with holistic thinkers, specialists, manual bodyworks, movement professionals, and the like due to its more accurate portrayal of a human body that is a living and integrated system. ‘Myo’ references the muscle tissues that make up the human body. ‘Fascia” references the viscous material or “goo” that is interwoven in the muscle fibers, surrounding the muscles, surrounding the organs, in our synovial fluid, and virtually everywhere in our human body fascial cells can be found. ‘Myofascia’ then refers to the accurate portrayal of the living system; a system that consists not only on individual muscles but rather the combination of the muscles and this “goo” that allow for interaction with our environment and govern our state of health and wellness.

The ‘Rx’ portion of the method’s name refers to the Latin word ‘recipe.’ The common translation for ‘Rx’ has become ‘prescription’ however Myofascial Rx® claims nothing new nor ‘prescribes’ anything for individual healing and wellness. Myofascial Rx® is simply a ‘recipe’ of how the living human system is comprised and functions in sync as an integrated whole. We must know the ingredient list of any recipe in order to make the finished product, but each cook that makes a recipe will inevitably have slightly different results based on their methods, likes and dislikes, tools available, ect. The living human body and mind are just such a recipe which will produce slightly unique variations individual to individual, but is at the same time exactly the same.



Taking the Myofascial Rx® Yoga & Ayurvedic Wellness program is highly recommended for every student who is interested in better health and wellness. The Personal Evolution Journey is 50hrs of hands-on study in yoga and ayurvedic wellness in an evolutionary total-body-mind approach.
Must be 18yrs or older
Must be able and healthy enough to complete self-study and participate in classroom discussions and practices 
Become Myofascial Rx® Yoga Certified

Become Myofascial Rx® Yoga Certified

Once you’ve taken your first 200 or 500 hour course the learning doesn’t stop there. Teaching is skill that requires continual refinement and development. The Myofascial Rx® Yoga & Ayurvedic Wellness program gives students who have already completed a 200 or 500 hour program the opportunity to earn certification and learn a detailed total-body-mind approach to teaching yoga and wellness. Each year we’ve offered this option, continuing education students are simply blown away by the level of training “upgrades” they receive throughout the program. Upon successful completion of your 2 50hr modules, you will earn certification in Myofascial Rx® Yoga for Gentle, Vinyasa, Prenatal, and Yin.
All Personal Development program requirements met
Must have completed prior 200hr or 500hr yoga training with approved school or trainers
A minimum of 100 contact hours with lead trainer must be completed (Completed by 2 50 hour Modules)