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Course Description

Our @E200 program is unlike anything available in the Midwest. We put you in the classroom where you can experience real people, real bodies, and real learning.

We have created a program which merges ancient knowledge, practical application, personal experience, and hands-on apprenticeship style learning in an evolutionary approach to the yogic training process. Our program is for the self-motivated, creative thinking student who desires a deep personal experience and a rich understanding of the yogic sciences.

Our @E200 program is for anyone who has not yet received their 200 hour designation through another program, or for those who wish to be trained in the integrated methodologies used by the senior teachers at Evolutions Yoga. Upon completion of the course you will receive the Evolutions Yoga Signature packet to register through the Yoga Alliance© to become a Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 Hour Level (RYT 200).

@Evolutions Signature

We currently offer our @E200 addition to our @Immersion for teaching in the foundations of yogic studies.

@E200 students will complete:

  • @Immersion Weekly Meeting
  • @Immersion Weekends (Alignment Weekend required for all @E200 students)
  • @E200 Practicum

Upon completion, you will receive @Evolutions Signature for registration with the Yoga Alliance©.


@Immersion + @E200

What is the difference between the @Immersion and @E200 programs?

Let’s make it visual…

immersion-vennAs you can see, the @Immersion encompasses the bulk of the program. So, by choosing the @Immersion ONLY path, you will receive the majority of the teachings and experiences.

The @Immersion Experience is geared toward the Yoga practitioner who would like to deepen their own understanding of Yoga and expand their awareness of Body, Mind, and Being through the 4 month long Immersion.

The @Immersion + @E200 program is for the Yoga practitioner who is ready to commit to becoming a Yoga Instructor. When you add the optional @E200 Signature Path (Yoga Teacher Training), you will receive not only the @Immersion Experience, but you will also receive extra teaching, training, and practicum learning. The extra time and effort you spend in the @Immersion + @E200 program will qualify you to receive an Evolutions @ Yoga Signature packet that you can then submit to the Yoga Alliance for registration as a RYT 200.

** Student must attend all meetings, complete all assignments, exams, and practicum requirements. A total of 180 contact hours are required to receive your Signature packet from Evolutions Yoga.

@E200 Requirements

  • @Immersion Requirements, Plus…
  • Complete 35hrs In-Studio practice with Jenni or Ross
  • Exclusive @Evolutions: Complete 20hrs of IN-CLASS Practicum Training
  • Attend October Weekend meetings (required for all @E200 students)
  • Complete 2 Written Examinations w/ Passing Marks
  • Complete 180hrs of Contact Training time with Jenni 
  • 2 years minimum posture practice (or testing by Lead Instructors)
  • Exclusive @Evolutions: Unique In-Class Room Teaching Examination

Weekly + Weekend Meetings - REQUIRED for YTT

+ Optional
@E200 YTT

Thank you for your interest in Evolutions @ Yoga’s @Immersion
+ Optional @E200
Yoga Teacher Training!
We are extremely excited to offer an evolutionary experience for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of yoga and its practices, history, and methods for experiencing life to the fullest!!

Our Goal

Create a training experience unlike anything that currently exists!

@Immersion Dates

Registration Deadline:
Aug 1st, 2018

2018 Immersion Dates:


@Immersion Saturdays,

@Immersion Weekends,

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  • Develop the ability to craft and teach sequences for all ages, and ability levels using integrative teaching method.
  • Learn to teach and visualize the postures and breath as a visual extension of the pranic body
  • Learn to give hands-on adjustments and assists for both anatomical safety and energetic alignment
  • Learn the forgotten art of Vinyasa Krama & Multi-Level Sequencing
  • Understand and be able to utilize the therapeutic benefits of each asana within the scope of teaching
  • Receive apprenticeship style learning in live classrooms and workshop formats
  • Teach and train in live classrooms under the guidance of approved instructors to develop confidence and poise
  • Read, speak, and understand Sanskrit for teaching yogic concepts and asanas
  • Understand the intricate history of how the Yoga we know came into being
  • Understand the reason/application of different techniques, lineages, and style
  • Understand Krishnamacharyaʼs approach to Hatha and Vinyasa
  • Develop a life-long relationship to learning and studying both ancient and contemporary texts relating to the vidya.
  • Integrate your life flow into a living sadhana (spiritual/mindfulness practice)
  • Incorporate yogic philosophies and concepts into your life flow
  • Personal sadhana time to experience your own journey
  • Guided sadhana for deep insight and reflection
  • Create balance between personal growth and householder duties
  • Experience the sangha (community) of deeper learning, make lifelong connections to teachers, students, and fellow @YTTʼs