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Myofascial Rx®

Welcome to the future of wellness.

Myofascial Rx® is born out of a love for the body. A whole integrated body. A body that heals itself, a body that thrives, emotions that are stable, and a mental constitution that is steadfast and strong. Myofascial Rx® combines the postures of yoga, breath training, ayurveda, the wisdom of our true energetic system, western medicine, psychology, sociology, detailed anatomy, myofascial and trigger point releases, and intelligent movement reconditioning to lead you to your optimum level of health and well-being.  

The term myofascia is nothing new, but it is relatively new to many people outside of medical fields. The term is becoming popular with holistic thinkers, specialists, manual bodyworks, movement professionals, and the like due to its more accurate portrayal of a human body that is a living and integrated system. ‘Myo’ references the muscle tissues that make up the human body. ‘Fascia” references the viscous material or “goo” that is interwoven in the muscle fibers, surrounding the muscles, surrounding the organs, in our synovial fluid, and virtually everywhere in our human body fascial cells can be found. ‘Myofascia’ then refers to the accurate portrayal of the living system; a system that consists not only on individual muscles but rather the combination of the muscles and this “goo” that allow for interaction with our environment and govern our state of health and wellness.

The ‘Rx’ portion of the method’s name refers to the Latin word ‘recipe.’ The common translation for ‘Rx’ has become ‘prescription’ however Myofascial Rx® claims nothing new nor ‘prescribes’ anything for individual healing and wellness. Myofascial Rx® is simply a ‘recipe’ of how the living human system is comprised and functions in sync as an integrated whole. We must know the ingredient list of any recipe in order to make the finished product, but each cook that makes a recipe will inevitably have slightly different results based on their methods, likes and dislikes, tools available, ect. The living human body and mind are just such a recipe which will produce slightly unique variations individual to individual, but is at the same time exactly the same.

  • Incorporate yogic philosophies and concepts into your life flow
  • Personal sadhana time to experience your own journey
  • Guided sadhana for deep insight and reflection
  • Create balance between personal growth and householder duties
  • Experience the sangha (community) of deeper learning, make lifelong connections to teachers, dedicated practitioners, and new YTT200 students.
  • Understand the intricate history of how the Yoga we know came into being
  • Understand the reason/application of different techniques, lineages, and style
  • Understand Krishnamacharyaʼs approach to Hatha and Vinyasa
  • Develop a life-long relationship to learning and studying both ancient and contemporary texts relating to the vidya.
  • Integrate your life flow into a living sadhana (spiritual/mindfulness practice)
  • Develop the ability to craft and teach Myofascial Rx® sequences fro adults using the Myofascial Rx® integrative teaching method.
  • Learn to teach and visualize the postures and breath as a visual extension of the pranic body
  • Learn to give hands-on adjustments and assists for both anatomical safety and energetic alignment
  • Learn the forgotten art of Vinyasa Krama & Multi-Level Sequencing
  • Understand and be able to utilize the therapeutic benefits of each asana within the scope of teaching

Program Meeting Details

2018/2019 Program runs Oct 6 2018 – March 23 2019 Exact meeting dates provided below: Program has one weekend off per month for personal needs
Meeting Times By Program

Meeting Times By Program

100hr Personal Development: Saturdays 1-6p

YTT200 Myofascial Rx™ Group Class Instructor Level 1: Saturdays 12-6 + One Weekend a Month – Sat 12-6 & Sun 8-4

100hr CEU: Saturdays 1-6

The 2018/2019 meeting dates are listed below. Note that dates written as “6/7” indicate a required Ytt200 (Myofascial Rx™ – Level 1) weekend. CEU and Personal Development students only attend the regular Saturday meeting time.

October 2018

  • 6/7
  • 13
  • 20
  • 27

November 2018

  • 3/4
  • 10
  • 17
  • OFF 24

December 2018

  • 1/2
  • 8
  • 15
  • OFF 22
  • OFF 29

January 2019

  • 5/6
  • 12
  • 19
  • OFF 26

February 2019

  • 2/3
  • 9
  • 16
  • OFF 23

March 2019

  • 2/3
  • 9
  • 16
  • Program Ends 23
Lab Tests & Practicum Requirements

Lab Tests & Practicum Requirements

Lab Tests for YTT200 (Myofascial Rx™ – Group Class Level 1) & CEU Students

  • Learning and material retention tests in Myofascial Rx™ – Level 1 techniques will be required the first Saturday of each month beginning Nov 3. Lab Tests will cover the materials and Myofascial Rx™ methods we have been working on since the previous test and passing marks of 80% or better are required. Lab Test Dates: Nov 3, Dec 1, Jan 5, Feb 2, Mar 2.
  • Written Final Exam for YTT (Myofascial Rx™ – Level 1) & CEU students will be issued on March 23. Passing marks of 80% or better are required.

Myofascial Rx™ – Level 1 Practicum – 12 hours

  • In-class Observations + written assignments

  • One hour teaching assignment given during program hours; Teaching date will be assigned at beginning of program by Lead Trainer

  • Class Audits + written assignments

Program Materials List

Program Materials List

  • Evolutions Program Training Manual (Myofasical Rx Method) – New & Updated for 2018/2019! included
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – purchase details provided upon enrollment
  • Folklore Study – purchase details provided upon enrollment
  • Anatomy Study – purchase details provided upon enrollment
  • Energetic Study – purchase details provided upon enrollment
  • Adjustments (YTT only) – purchase details provided upon enrollment
  • Business Study (YTT only) – purchase details provided upon enrollment
  • Sequencing Study (YTT only) purchase details provided upon enrollment