@Immersion: FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

@Immersion and @E200 Frequently Asked Questions


What is Yoga? What practice do you really want trained in?

The answer to these questions are as varied as the number of people who read this.

@Evolutions we believe yoga is a science; a science of being human, a philosophy to understand how the world works, and a way of living mindfully. It is a lifepath which offers us practical tools that can unlock the answers to life’s biggest questions, while at the same time help us to be a little happier with today.

Our lives are dedicated to the practice and we come with a combined study of over 35 years of real-life experience in extended practice of the higher consciousness techniques. Our sources are from primary texts, and our teachers rarely grace the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine or engage in the selfie-revolution of Instagram. We believe in a practice that emphasizes living life, and searching for Truth in the Universe….
We believe the search begins right there inside you.

We are Keepers of the Vidya, the body of yogic wisdom that has travelled into our lives on ancient palm leaf manuscripts from Masters of long long ago. In that dedication, we Serve People by offering up the best research and teaching courses found anywhere in the Midwest. We’ve compiled thousands of training hours with some of the best in the world, and some of the most diverse training history of any teachers available. Our diversity comes from a belief to always go to the Source, and that no one method, lineage, or lifepath has the best way for everyone. We are classically trained philosophical/historical scholars in the science of yoga, and are blessed to offer to you a light to guide this phase of your journey.

Hari OM Tat Sat

~RossC & Jॐ

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Who is the @Immersion Experience for?


We saw a need for those who wanted to learn but didn’t want to take a teacher training, and also couldn’t leave their life for a month to go study in some far away place. We continually see a need to train up coming teachers in proper methodology and introduce the Vidya to the next generation before it is completely lost to the commercialism of Yoga media. Too many teaching programs are run by wonderful fitness instructors, but whom lack the proper wisdom training to pass along anything more than the latest trends. This leaves the science being warped into a hodge-podge of practices which have no context, or are just untrue.

Our way is not the right way, or the only way… It is a way, the way of our teachers going back through solid historical traces. We intend to create a platform from which you will feel confident to do your own research, ask tough questions about modern practices, and begin to recognize the new from the historical.

Whether you want to learn, or teach…
We’ve got you covered.

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What is the difference between the @Immersion and @E200 programs?

Let’s make it visual…

immersion-vennAs you can see, the @Immersion encompasses the bulk of the program. So, by choosing the @Immersion ONLY path, you will receive the majority of the teachings and experiences.

The @Immersion Experience is geared toward the Yoga practitioner who would like to deepen their own understanding of Yoga and expand their awareness of Body, Mind, and Being through the 4 month long Immersion.

The @Immersion + @E200 program is for the Yoga practitioner who is ready to commit to becoming a Yoga Instructor. When you add the optional @E200 Signature Path (Yoga Teacher Training), you will receive not only the @Immersion Experience, but you will also receive extra teaching, training, and practicum learning. The extra time and effort you spend in the @Immersion + @E200 program will qualify you to receive an Evolutions @ Yoga Signature packet that you can then submit to the Yoga Alliance for registration as a RYT 200** (see below).

** Student must attend all meetings, complete all assignments, exams, and practicum requirements. A total of 180 contact hours are required to receive your Signature packet from Evolutions @ Yoga.

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Will I be able to register with the Yoga Alliance©?

The short answer…Yes!

Evolutions @ Yoga is a Registered Yoga School at the 200 hour level through the Yoga Alliance© for our @Immersion + @E200 Signature Path

By now you’ve probably looked over many options for your Teacher Training journey in search of the program and methods that best match the type of teacher you are inspired to become. In the yoga world there are options for training that consist of as few as 2 or 3 weekends worth of study to immersion programs that span a year or more. Remember, not all programs are the same nor do most include any in depth study of essential yogic texts and background information on the science of yoga.

The base requirements set forth by the Yoga Alliance© are as follows:

  1. Techniques, Training and Practice: 100 hours
  2. Teaching Methodology: 25 hours
  3. Anatomy and Physiology: 20 hours
  4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: 30 hours
  5. Practicum: 10 hours
  6. Remaining Contact Hours and Elective Hours: 15 hours

Total Hours: 200 hours

The @E200 Teacher Training Program differs in its basic format in that we have adopted an immersion format consisting of a course which includes hands on experience and training. The practicum section of the @E200 Path guides the trainee into real situations in “live” classrooms where they can practice the methods they are learning with a variety of body types and skill levels. Trainees do not just learn to teach in the safety of their “teacher training” group, they assist, observe, and craft classes for the public under the guidance of an Evolutions approved trainer. This type of hands-on application results in confident teachers that are able to adapt a classroom practice to meet the needs of their students, and imbibe the philosophy that “Anyone can practice yoga.”

Evolutions’ @Immersion + @E200 Teacher Training Signature Path exceeds the requirements set forth by the Yoga Alliance©. The program remains 200 hours in length but you will receive real experience and hands-on application of your education in actual classroom settings. To complete the @E200 program, you will be asked to instruct a live class of actual students to demonstrate your mastery of the yogic sciences. Upon completion and passing marks, you will receive an Evolutions @ Yoga Signature packet that you can upload to Yoga Alliance© for registration as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour Level (RYT 200)*.

* Dues and fees apply, set by Yoga Alliance©

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What is an Unlimited Pass Holder or Member? How do I get the Unlimited Pass Holder Incentive?

Evolutions @ Yoga exists because of the support of our student community and we are eternally grateful for their support!

Unlimited Pass Holders or Members have agreed, by contract, to contribute $95 each month for a minimum commitment of THREE MONTHS in exchange for Unlimited Yoga practice at Evolutions plus other added benefits.

Because of their monthly commitment of support, Evolutions is excited to offer an Incentive toward the @Immersion and @E200 programs, which includes a 10% discount on the @Immersion ($200 value) as well as $200 off the @E200 program, if chosen.

If you’re not currently on our Monthly Unlimited Pass Option, please consider joining and experience the freedom of practicing in any of our Regular Schedule or Community Class options. Unlimited Members can also take advantage of incentive discounts on our Study Courses through participation in our SpotOn Rewards program.

To receive the Unlimited Pass Holder Incentive you must purchase your Unlimited Pass before you register and pay your deposit. Keep in mind, the Monthly Unlimited Pass is a minimum three month commitment. Even during the 4 Month @Immersion + @E200 program, $95 will be charged to your account. Hence, the extra $200 off the @E200 optional path for the @Class Passport (35 classes with Jenni or Ross). So, essentially, Unlimited Pass Holders receive two months FREE as an Incentive.

With Love…the Evolutions Family

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How do I register for the @Immersion and @E200 Courses?

  1. Choose your path!

    • @Immersion, further your own wisdom and knowledge of Yoga…just cause. :)
    • @Immersion + @E200, get all the benefits of the @Immersion plus hands-on, experiential learning to become a Yoga instructor.

  3. Visit the @Immersion Pricing Page and click the button under your chosen path.
  4. Upon clicking your path button, you will be led to MINDBODY in a separate window or tab. Once there, your path option will automatically be selected. If you change your mind at this point, you can use the dropdown box to change your path selection.
  5. Carefully read the Terms and Agreements. Then, select the checkbox that confirms your agreement.
  6. Click “Make Purchase” button in the lower right hand corner.
  7. Complete the payment of your Deposit.

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How do I make payments to my MINDBODY account to pay off my remaining @Immersion and @E200 balance?

  1. Login to MINDBODY using the link in the top right of the website, “Student Login” or CLICK HERE.
  2. Use your existing login information.
    • If you do not remember your username, email, or password, please email info@evolutionsyoga.com to have your information sent to you.
    • Please DO NOT create a new account if you have been to the studio. Instead, use the email you provided when you filled out your Waiver. Again, if you have forgotten, please email info@evolutionsyoga.com to have your information sent to you.
  3. Click on the @Store tab near the top right of your browser.
  4. Select Account Payments just below the tabs, third from the right.
  5. Account Payments:
    • @Immersion OPEN PAYMENT – This payment option is available for all students. Use this Account Payment option input any desired amount. This option defaults to the @Immersion Only remaining balance of $1,700 but can be changed to reflect your desired amount of Account Payment.
    • PAYMENT PLAN options – These vary in title, depending on the chosen DEPOSIT path (see registration help). If you chose a PAYMENT PLAN path, you will see two more options for the First(1) and Second(2) installments of your PAYMENT PLAN. We recommend that you plan your payments accordingly and use these PAYMENT PLAN, Account Payment options rather than using the OPEN PAYMENT method. However, if you do use the OPEN PAYMENT method, be sure to check your MINDBODY Account Balance to track your payment progress (see My MINDBODY Account help).
  6. Once you have selected the Account Payment option, click “Make Purchase” button in the lower right hand corner.
  7. Complete the payment by Check Out.

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How do I access and view my MINDBODY Account, balance, and details?

  1. Login to MINDBODY using the link in the top right of the website, “Student Login” or CLICK HERE.
  2. Use your existing login information.
    • If you do not remember your username, email, or password, please email info@evolutionsyoga.com to have your information sent to you.
    • Please DO NOT create a new account if you have been to the studio. Instead, use the email you provided when you filled out your Waiver. Again, if you have forgotten, please email info@evolutionsyoga.com to have your information sent to you.
  3. Click on the My Info tab near the top right of your browser

    To View:

    • Account Balance and Contracts: Select Account just below the tabs, second from the right.
    • Billing and Contact Information: Select Profile just below the tabs, first on the left.
    • Schedule: Select My Schedule just below the tabs, second from the left.

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What is the @E200 Add-On?

Great question!

The @E200 Add-On option is for students who originally registered for the @Immersion ONLY before August 1st and after experiencing the program decide to opt-in to the @E200 Teacher Training before August 31st.

The cost to opt-in to the @E200 program between Aug 1 and Aug 31, is $200. This FEE is added to your Enrollment Fee and payment is due according to the payment & fee schedules. No exceptions.

Weekly + Weekend Meetings - REQUIRED for YTT

+ Optional
@E200 YTT

Thank you for your interest in Evolutions @ Yoga’s @Immersion
+ Optional @E200
Yoga Teacher Training!
We are extremely excited to offer an evolutionary experience for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of yoga and its practices, history, and methods for experiencing life to the fullest!!

Our Goal

Create a training experience unlike anything that currently exists!

@Immersion Dates

Registration Deadline:
Aug 1st, 2018

2018 Immersion Dates:


@Immersion Saturdays,

@Immersion Weekends,

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