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When we practice yoga, we practice it for attaining balance, harmony, and equilibrium in all aspects of our personality and expression. We believe that by experiencing life as it is, and by discovering and knowing our limitations, we can evolve mentally, intellectually and psychically.

– Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

About Us

Dreaming Big is a thing at Evolutions Yoga. We believe in meeting you right where you are and helping you achieve your goals on and off the mat. Learn how our Community began & continues to grow and evolve.


Myofascial Rx® Training Train for Yourself. Train to Teach. Train for Life

Myofascial Rx® Personal Development Program

100hr Yoga Development Study including our signature method for healing the body

100hr Continuing Education Program

Train in our signature Myofascial Rx® Level 1 technique for adult strength and flexibility

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