About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring proven and consistent adult fitness and wellness methods to the online yoga community and to you. Our studio is a safe and welcoming space for everyone of all ages, races, creeds, and beliefs. We believe in total body and mind wellness for all. 

Our vision

A new perspective in adult fitness and wellness.

I’m Jenni Keith, a professional Yoga Teacher and Modern Applied Psychologist. Throughout the years, I have built a large community of yoga practitioners and trained many yoga professionals in my signature training programs and training method, Myofascial Rx®. In 2019, before the days of covid-19,  I took my brick-and-mortar studio into the virtual world and began teaching and training online. Since 2008, Evolutions has been an industry-leader in adult movement, strength training, and flexibility mechanics.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with Seropositive Rheumatoid Disease that attacks nearly every joint in my body. I offer a unique vantage point for gaining strength and flexibility as an adult. In every class I teach my students proven methods for becoming stronger and more flexible regardless of prior injuries or illnesses. With over 2 decades of practice and study, I have accumulated more than 15,000 hours of formal education in adult movement and joint/spine rehab. I have developed precision awareness and sensitivity to help you make real and lasting progress in your body and fitness goals.

Since opening Evolutions Yoga in 2008, I’ve built more than just a yoga studio. I’ve cultivated a community of online wellness. Everyone of any age or fitness level can practice with me, that is my mission.


“Since my RD diagnosis, I’m more passionate than ever about helping people live their best and calm their minds. Much of what I teach throws out the hum-drum repetition in “yoga cueing” and “how-to-meditate” and focuses on the methods I’ve developed and studied over my career that help people make real changes. I look forward to getting to know your story.”

XO,  💕  Jenni

Our Story

  • 2008

    In 2008, Evolutions Yoga opened as a brick-and-mortar studio in the Indianapolis area.

  • 2010

    Evolutions was named a Top Five yoga studio by Indianapolis Monthly Magazine.

  • 2012

    Evolutions Yoga was named a people’s choice winner in the Best of Indianapolis

  • 2016

    Evolutions Yoga expanded with a new community-funded studio space built completely from recycled materials and green building practices.

  • 2017

    Jenni began having her first struggles with severe rheumatoid disease. This would begin to change the landscape of the brick-and-mortar studio.

  • 2019

    On Evolutions Yoga’s 11th anniversary, the studio moved online. Evolutions Yoga became the first fully functioning virtual studio with live classes in Indiana.

  • 2020

    Covid-19 strikes the world and Evolutions Yoga continues to serve its mission and its students from our virtual studio.

Our Founder


Jenni Keith

Jenni Keith is the owner and founder of Evolutions Yoga. Jenni is a modern Applied Psychologist and wellness expert. She currently teaches and works with personal clients in fitness, wellness, and applied psychology practices. 

Modern Applied Psychologist, E-CYT Teacher & Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner
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