Jenni Keith

A totally new perspective.

Meet professional adult flexibility and mobility coach, Jenni Keith. Jenni is diagnosed with Seropositive Rheumatoid Arthritis and offers a unique vantage point for stabilizing and rehabbing adult movement. With over 2 decades of professional adult coaching experience, she has the precision awareness and sensitivity to help you make real and lasting progress.

Combining her extensive knowledge in adult flexibility and muscle coordination with her personal journey of living with severe RA that attacks nearly every joint, including her spine and sternum she can relate to the feelings and sensations most other health and wellness professionals and yoga teachers can’t.

Jenni is the Owner of Evolutions Yoga & Lucky Locks Indy. Since 2008 she has been building more than just a yoga studio, she’s been cultivating a community of students that share common ground within our practices together. 

“This Community has become so much more than “yoga.” Over the last 11 years it’s become a home for learning to adapt to life’s changes. Within these walls I’ve witnessed so many moments of pure joy, and life-changing transformation – and I’m not being “poetic”… real moments that change people’s lives. 

If you ask me what my “thing” is… it’s not yoga. My “thing” is seeing joy in people. There is a special kind of joy that comes over people when they discover a new movement in their bodies that they thought was impossible. It’s a unique moment when they realize much of what they’ve been taught about movement has to go, and can be relearned to give them their mobility back. 

Since my RA diagnosis, I’m more passionate than ever about helping adults move again… and this time – learning properly. Much of what I do now throws out the “coding of yoga cues” and focuses on the professional model of adult mobility. The studio is a home for growth and change, we look forward to getting to know your story.”

XO,  💕  Jenni

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