Classes with Jenni 

featuring Guest Teacher Erika Chapman

Gentle Yoga

This class is the perfect blend of deep stretching. modest stability building, and stress reduction. This class is open to all levels including absolute beginners.

Yin & Restore

This class is my most popular way to end a stressful week. This class focuses on floor postures in order to de-stress & health the body and mind. Approachable for any student.

Flexibility 1 Yoga

This is the “How to Build Mobility” as an adult Class!
There is a distinct difference between adult and child flexibility however most of where we learn “how to stretch”, or teach others how to stretch in training programs, is based from how we learned as kids or teenage athletes and we just tackle stretching and “yoga” shapes in the same way as adults. As part of my personal journey, I have professionally trained and devoted my career to adult mobility and strength and am excited to help you work safely on new ranges of motion with my Myofascial Rx® for Adult Mobility techniques.
The adult benefits of increased mobility are numerous and go beyond just touching your toes. So many things can be adjusted just by safely increasing your range of motion. To name a few, we have:
*More mobility for daily tasks
*Increased strength and stamina
*Increased energy levels
*Healthier, younger looking skin
*Improved sleep patterns
*Reduced pain levels
*Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss — this is an untapped area in the fitness industry as the science of adult flexibility is still a mystery outside of disciplines like adult circus arts and adult rhythmic dancing. Even any style of “yoga” doesn’t have it figured out… no matter what kind of marketing they claim.
Using the methods of professional adult mobility Jenni has personally undergone massive changes in weight loss WITHOUT any dieting, fasting, juicing, pills, supplements, excessive cardio, or pyramid-scheme products… she simply uses the precise mechanics of professional adult flexibility to make the change. That’s it.

Flexibility 2 Yoga

Welcome to a deeper range of adult movement! 
To attend this class: You should be able to demonstrate proficiency in the set of skills taught in Mobility/Flex 1 as determined by the experience of the instructor. The skills and ranges of motion taught in Adult Flexibility 2 must be closely monitored by an experienced flexibility professional for accuracy and safety.
Please contact me with questions regarding attendance in this class.

Therapy Yoga

This class is designed for managing mobility issues and retraining functional movement patterns in the joints and stabilizing the body’s musculature. This class is taught by professional flexibility coach and trainer, Jenni Keith. Jenni, herself, is diagnosed with Seropositive Rheumatoid Arthritis and offers a unique vantage point for stabilizing and rehabbing adult movement. 

Combining her extensive knowledge in adult flexibility and muscle coordination with her personal journey of living with severe RA that attacks nearly every joint, including her spine and sternum she can relate to the feelings and sensations most other health and wellness professionals and yoga teachers can’t.

This class can be accessed by anyone with compensated mobility via an auto-immune disorder, previous injury or surgery (some extreme limits may apply), or other life “things” that create limitation in our body.

Pre / Postnatal Yoga

Our Specialized Mobility Class just for Pre & Post-natal moms!

Open to all mobility levels & experience levels.