Evolved MyStyle©

Evolved MyStyle©

Level 1-2

Welcome to an old shala style of practicing, with a set of modern choices. This program is a revolution for the modern yoga practitioner. @EvolutionsYoga introduces our exclusive program, Evolved MyStyle©.

This program will incorporate semi-private personal training into both instructor led and self-paced class formats, with specially written sequences for ANY level of practitioner. Evolved MyStyle© Practices are not “that ashtanga thing.” They are a way of practicing which helps any level of student achieve dramatic results, while receiving direct feedback and personal training from their instructors.

The MyStyle© program incorporates a set of both instructor led classes, and self paced classes where students will work on sequences ranging from beginning level, to intermediate, to specific flows for personal development. Jennifer Keith, E-RYT CPT, has specially crafted a variety of Evolved MyStyle© sequences to choose from, including a new sequence to be released each month. No matter where you are with your yoga practice or your body, the Evolved MyStyle© program is for you.

The program is a modern yogi’s approach to the old shala style of teaching where a student came to practice a prescribed sequence in the presence of their teacher. During their practice the student received adjustments, feedback, and personalized recommendations for improving efficiency in the practice. The practices were often self-paced, with only a few instances of students being led by an instructor as we see in yoga classrooms today. This way of practicing offers the student a better practice environment for developing healthy student-teacher relationships and boundaries, as well as increasing performance results in strength and flexibility gains much faster than in typical modern day classrooms.

This style of practice is for EVERYONE. Evolved MyStyle© will feature specially written sequences featuring topics like:
Beginner’s Sequence
Intermediate Sequence
Improve Flexibility
Improve Back Pain Flow
Yoga Chikitsa
Learn to Fly: Arm Balances
Improving Backbends
…and a new sequence to be added each month.

There will be practice cards of each available sequence to follow during self-paced sessions until you’ve mastered the one you’re working on enough to flow on your own. Getting tired of a particular sequence? Try another one. Each time you come to practice, you decide who you are that day and choose your sequence.

The program includes Evolved MyStyle© Instructor Led classes as well so you can be introduced to the sequences available while flowing like a regular class. This helps get a vibe for particular sequences you might be interested in as well as collect helpful practice tips that you can take into the self-paced classes to review and revisit at your own pace. Instructor Led MyStyle© classes will rotate through all the available sequences for variety and instructional purposes of helping all students grow and evolve their ability levels.

How the program works:
You sign up for one of the Evolved MyStyle© Pass options

  • Single Drop-in $18
  • RYT Single Drop-in $14 (ID required)
  • 2wk Trial $24 (Unlimited EMS classes ONLY)
  • Evolved MyStyle© Monthly $45 (Unlimited EMS classes ONLY)

Have our 1, 3, 6 month or Year Unlimited pass for Regular and/or Community Classes? Add on the Evolved MyStyle© Plus pass for only $24 / month!

Attend Instructor Led or Self-Paced Class Formats.

Instructor Led Format – Class times are set. You must be present for entire class, class is just like a regular class. Sequences are the same ones used for the MyStyle© practice sheets.

Self-Paced Format* – Class times are flexible. Each class time is a window of time you have to come and do your practice. You must not start or finish after posted class times. Instructor is only working during posted class times, please respect professional boundaries.

What to do:

  1. Sign In Before Entering Classroom
  2. Choose Sequence You Will Practice for Day (or Creative Flow on Your Own)
  3. Enter Quietly, Find a Spot & Set Up Practice Space
  4. Begin Your Practice or Meditation
  5. Move at Your Own Pace & Drill on Your Own Sequences
  6. Unroll Your Mat & Clear Your Space When Finished
  7. Exit Quietly & Have a Great Rest of Your Day

*In this class format your instructor will be monitoring your practice as would a personal trainer. Your instructor will approach you at various times to provide adjustments, alignment corrections, give feedback, or help learn a new skill to get over your roadblocks in strength or flexibility.