Global Studio Conduct

Our Global Studio is a Safe Space for All Adults Who Wish to Make Lasting Progress in Their Strength and Mobility.

Am I ok to participate in classes?

By registering for any class you are assuming all responsibility and liability for your participation and safety before, during, and after class. Evolutions Yoga LLC its affiliates, owners, and contractors are not responsible or liable for any injury or malfunction sustained during your online experience. We provide the safest adult mobility instruction we can offer as well as visually watch the class participation, however, we are not responsible for what goes on on your side of the screen before, during, or after class.

Classes are open to all levels of experience and participation. We have provided appropriate class descriptions to help you choose the right class for you. By registering for class you acknowledge that you are appropriately healthy to participate.

What forms of payment does the Studio Accept?

Most forms of credit card payments are accepted via our merchant processor.

I’m not “Tech Savvy”, can I get help with my set up?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Using my brick-and-mortar studio experience, I have built you an industry-leading virtual studio. At any time you have questions about your set-up or booking, please text ‘yoga’ to CLICK HERE

What is my txt # used for?

Your txt # is ONLY used for the purposes of communicating with me about classes and important notifications. I have no time or interest in selling or spamming your phone & I expect the same respect in return. Any violations or spam content will result in being blocked and your forfeiture of any and all unused passes. We take privacy seriously and no exceptions will be made.

How do I ask registration, set-up, or personal questions?

Text ‘yoga’ to CLICK HERE

Can I record the video? Will classes be available after class?

Recording of the video feeds for live virtual class is strictly prohibited to protect the identity and confidentiality of the community that attends virtual classes. Video replays of most classes will be made available in the RubySnacks Class Library. Any violations will result in forfeiture of any unused passes and the ability to attend future classes.

What platforms can I access the classes on? I’m an Android User

ANY PLATFORM including computer! Apple, Android, Computer, Cell Phone, Tablet… If you can connect to the inter-webs… you can practice with us.  

Computer users download Zoom HERE

Is this free streaming like Faceboook Live or Instagram Live?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We pay a premium fee for all of our global platforms used to build the Global Yoga Studio. This means that you as the student (and me as the broadcaster) have a seamless and easy one-click experience in booking and coming to class.

We pay a premium fee to have one-click link integration and the ability to run as close to a brick & mortar as we possibly can right from the comfort of your own space. You can see all your classmates, chat, pin the instructor to your screen, and many other cool features. Sometimes internet bandwidth gets glitchy – that is life… but the platform is set up to bounce you right back in as soon as bandwidth is stable. 

Can I turn off my video & mic?

Yes, that is your choice. I ask that your video remain on so that I can monitor your progress during class, however it is often better that your mic is muted to avoid background noises coming through. I will mute your mic if I hear feedback from your set-up, but that does not mean you’ve done anything wrong. I simply wish to provide the best online experience for everyone. If you need to ask a question and your mic has been muted, simply unmute – ask – then remute. Easy.

Can my kids or partner/spouse join me under one membership?

Yes! Absolutely! With kiddos especially – please mute your mics upon entering the room. Live-in partners/spouses are welcome to join you under one membership, but please be respectful that the pass options are for one person registrations and not meant to be used to have friends or groups join you in class. Your instructor is a professional and should be paid appropriately for your instruction. 🙂

Can I pay for one pass, but allow multiple people to be online with me?

We ask you to please be mindful that your instructors are hard-working professionals that have built a professional global studio platform for you. That does come with quite a few overhead expenses – even ones you might not have thought of. Students are responsible for paying the fees incurred for receiving instruction so we ask that you be respectful that the class pass and links are meant for one person usage. We do not mind if kiddos or your live-in partner/spouse joins you for class, or once in a while you want to show a friend how awesome the global studio is to encourage them to join us 🙂

I didn’t use my pass, can I get a refund?

Thank you for asking. As with brick & mortar experiences, there are no refunds issued for missed, expired, or unused class passes, memberships, or event bookings. If you miss a class we will add the class back to your account for use next time. Please monitor the expiration dates of your passes.

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