What can a Life Coach Do?

A Life Coach looks objectively at the big picture of your life and helps you to discover roadblocks and limitations to your success in any area of your life. Through a series of conversations, the client and coach develop a series of plans and goals for overcoming your obstacles and reaching what you’ve dreamed of. 

A coach is not a counselor or a “friend” with whom we unload our problems in order to feel better. A Life Coach is a professional that will listen to your story and then help you develop a plan to move you toward what you want. 

Jennifer Keith, Professionally Certified Life Coach 

I have been coaching private clients for over a decade and the one thing that is consistent about training adults in mobility is that many of the locked-up areas of the body are tied to emotional and psychological factors. By coaching and analyzing roadblocks in life issues, my clients have been able to improve their lives both physically and emotionally. My methodology is based-on an eclectic adult-learning approach. This means that I draw from many schools of psychological and philosophical thought in an East meets West approach to life and modification strategies. 

Areas of Professional Service Include

Life Changes Due to Injury or Disease

Rebuilding After a Life Change

Building a Meditation Practice

All Things Yoga

Dealing With Chaos & Society

Relationships & Dating

Business Coaching


Athletes and Performance

*Conversations are 45min in length. No Contact Sessions.

Achieve Physical Goals

A Life Coach works with athletes of all types from professionals to home athletes to meet fitness and performance goals. The support and guidance from a Life Coach can keep your training on track and keep you out of the injury zone. 

Life Coaching

Relationship & Dating Goals

Need help with interpersonal communication and relationship building? A Life Coach can help you develop workable strategies for navigating friends, family, coworkers, and the dating scene. Already in a relationship, but need help maintaining the flair? This Life Coach can help with that too 🙂

Life Coaching

Professional & Business Support

Have a business goal you want to achieve but you don’t know where to start or how to make sense of your ideas? A Life Coach can talk through business and professional strategies with you helping you weed out achievable results from non-sustainable ideas.

Life Coaching

Have Another Life Goal or Roadbloack?

Contact me and we can set up a conversation to discuss your situation and what you would like to achieve. A Life Coach can guide you in almost any area life takes you.

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