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Jenn Keith

Adv. E-CYT Teacher & Trainer, Adv. NLP Practitioner, Adv. Hypnotherapy Practitioner

A totally new perspective.

Meet professional yoga teacher and hypnotherapy practitioner, Jenn Keith. In 2019, Jenni was diagnosed with Seropositive Rheumatoid Arthritis that attacks nearly every joint in her body including her sternum & spine. She offers a unique vantage point for stabilizing and rehabbing adult movement and using meditation and hypnotherapy to focus the mind. With over 2 decades of professional experience teaching meditation and adult mobility she has the precision awareness and sensitivity to help you make real and lasting progress.

Since opening Evolutions Yoga in 2008 she’s built more than just a yoga studio, she’s cultivated a community of wellness.

“Since my RA diagnosis, I’m more passionate than ever about helping people live their best and calm their minds. Much of what I teach throws out the hum-drum repetition in “yoga cueing” and “how-to-meditate” and focuses on the methods I’ve developed and studied over my career that help people make real changes. I look forward to getting to know your story.”

XO,  💕  Jenni