Namaste: Have we met before?

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Have we met before?

“Don’t I know you? Have we met before?”

Ever since I can remember, I recall being recognized. No matter where life has carried me, I end up meeting someone all over again. Every time, I think; “Do I know them? They don’t look familiar and of course I’ve never been here before. Still, something seems familiar about them as if we’ve met before.”

My guess is that you too have met someone all over again, somewhere, sometime. It is with this in mind that I say…

– The Love Light within me honors and bows to the Love Light within you.

Namaste literally means “I bow to you.” To me though, the word conveys something much deeper. Namaste reminds us that we are all connected at the subtle levels of existence. We do know one another! Sure, we have never physically met in this lifetime before until now. But sometime, somewhere, we have.

A meeting of hearts, minds, and souls; we acknowledge from our very being that the life force, divinity, Self, or God in us is the same in all. Really ponder how we experience this world. At the quantum level, everything shares everything in common. It is only when we zoom out and focus on what we “see” that we forget our commonalities.

Forgetting is so easy to do, especially with a plethora of distraction. What is it that we have forgotten?

Ironically, humans are good at forgetting exactly what they are discovering and getting confused about what they already know. Did you catch that? We are forgetting that we already know what we are coming to discover and we are confused because we are mistaking our knowledge for true wisdom [JNANA].

Upon studying many of the ancient texts, cultures, thoughts, and learning advanced math and physics, two worlds seem to collide quite harmoniously. Interestingly enough, many correlations and overlaps are in perfect harmony with one another. Many scholars would agree that ancient humans were potentially extremely advanced in their understanding and application of the physical sciences. However, what is interesting is that the ancient world was more centered in spirituality informing their science than science itself.
Nowadays many people cringe at the word spiritual, and perhaps even more at the word religion. It is my belief that this is simply the product of forgetting; forgetting our roots, our shared inherent abilities, our intuitive perceptions; forgetting what we have in common rather than focusing on what makes us different; and forgetting that we’ve already learned so much in the millions (if not billions or more) of years that humans have interacted with this World.

The word science is derived from the word scientia, which means pursuit of knowledge. In the not-so-distant past, scientific discovery was rooted in spiritual inquiry. Nearly every great scientific discovery in the history of scientific discoveries was made either by mistake or through a quest of understanding this world better from the deepest questions of our hearts and minds. At what point did we divide ourselves into spiritual and scientific? They have and will always been woven together because a human is both mind and spirit.

I invite you to acknowledge and integrate both aspects of your being to the table. Allow them to dialog and learn from one another. Let them inform and support each other. This is the basis of nearly all the greatest teachings. To become whole, to recognize inherent potential and explore the entirety of existence.
As a mind and spirit being, we are equals. We have ideas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and experiences that will always differ, but the fact that we can both have these things is truly awesome! So much more than flesh and blood, bone and muscle, brain and body.

Each and every time I have a shared experience of recognition with another being, I ask myself what part of me is familiar to others. Obviously, whatever part it is can’t simply be physical because my physical body is constantly changing and is limited to being in one place at a time.

Look closer… Beyond the level of the flesh is the breath and energy, beyond the breath is the mind, beyond the mind, the conscience, beyond that is spiritual Reality. We can learn all we want about anatomy but we can never point out me/you from a collection of guts on a table. No physical structure of my body is me/you. Somehow, the totality of a human being makes a me/you.

If you’re not familiar with Alex Grey’s paintings, find them! If you know about Alex’s work, beautiful… Alex paints the most amazing visions of subtle Reality. When I close my eyes and imagine myself as more than flesh and blood, bone and muscle, brain and body, his paintings flash through my mind. Brilliant effusive Light everywhere, clear but defined, pulsing with Life Force but still and at peace, flowing into and from Source, and Alive.

We are beings of Light and Love, pulsing with Life, and connected to the same Source! If that’s the Image from which we are created, so be it! So simple, yet mind-bogglingly complex. It seems absurd to even postulate that everything came into being by mistake or coincidence. There is intelligence in everything, we feel it, we are part of it.

To feel this intelligent experience no dogma is required, no special technique, not even a certain teacher. This is not religious, this is human. As human, we are equipped to experience the world around us in a very Real way. If you’ve ever experimented with hallucinogenics or psychotropic substances, experienced mystical ecstasy, experienced intense peak yoga bliss, or just plain have experiences you can’t explain, I’m sure you know what I mean. There are sub-realities that supports and inform what we call reality. All the radical experiments in the world of physics remind us of the awesome power and energy latent within every single speck that exists.

We’ve only begun to scientifically and mathematically understand the tremendous Infinite Energy and power of the subatomic world. It behaves of its own accord, but intelligently, as if being watched.
Watched…now that’s something!

Ever get that feeling…like you’re being watched?

We can feel without seeing. Sense without senses.

I don’t know if it is just me but when I meet someone for the first time, or even in public places, I get that feeling a lot. I know people who have adverse side effects like anxiety and phobias because of their particular sensitivity. We are all aware of this feeling at different degrees of intensity. You may not feel anything other than the pressure of their handshake/hug. Still, a transmission takes place, our hearts connect and meet each other as if reuniting with a long-lost friend.

So friend, let’s explore Reality together, let’s ask questions with no answers, and enjoy the Journey together!

~ RossC
Excerpt from Book-In-Progress