Working with Jenn

Adv. E-CYT Teacher & Trainer, Adv. NLP Practitioner, Adv. Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Mental Health Practitioner

  • *** FIRST SESSION – Introductory Session only $25! ***

    60 min session

    The sky is the limit. Literally. When you begin working with me I assess your current needs. Through a sequence of approachable drills and movement patterns, you will find yourself becoming stronger and more flexible. We can target chronic pain and reset your current ways of moving to reduce and eliminate pain.

Appointment Requests

Use the online scheduler below to browse some of my possible scheduling options. All online bookings are subject to confirmation and renegotiation of my available booking times for individual days. I will do my best to accept your first choice, but I may need to contact you to readjust the booking date/time.

For direct booking with me Contact Me

Anxiety-driven thoughts and behaviors

Weight loss

OCD / Fear based thinking

Unwanted habits

Smoking Cessation

Increased motivation for daily activities


Sleep issues

Chronic pain

Behavior change work

Increased happiness

Learn to effectively meditate and more!

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