What Can I Achieve in 1-1 Sessions With Jenn? Adv. E-CYT Teacher & Trainer, Adv. NLP Practitioner, Adv. Hypnotherapy Practitioner


Personal Training
  • I'll Be Rebooking!

    I had an amazing hypno-tarot therapy session with Jenni. Jenni and the cards were on the money with the life situation I am experiencing. You will walk away from one of these sessions with a different perceptive or the confirmation that at this time, keep pushing forward. I highly recommended getting a hypno-tarot session. I know I will be rebooking!

    - Tarot Winner
  • 1-1 Training

    My sessions are amazing. Jenni’s skills for helping people build-up their strength and flexibility are phenomenal. She gives detailed and correct instructions I’ve never gotten from any other teacher. In the two years I’ve done 1-1 sessions with her I would have never expected to be able to do the things my body can do now. Everyone should book 1-1’s with her!! 

  • Heartfelt and Emotional

    My hypno-tarot session with Jenni was more emotional than I expected. She led me into meditations where I was able to focus on my future and see exactly what I was capable of manifesting. Thank you!!!

1-1 Yoga Training

60 min

The sky is the limit. Literally. When you begin working with me I assess your current needs. Through a sequence of approachable drills and movement patterns, you will find yourself becoming stronger and more flexible. We can target chronic pain and reset old ways of moving to reduce and eliminate pain.

1-1 Tarot Sessions

Please plan for 45-60min

Tarot gets a weird rap in today’s spiritual marketplace. From one perspective, there is the belief that tarot shows us “the future” and is a tool of divination. To get a “tarot reading” means to communicate with invisible spirits or the Universe about what your future holds. Most of us have images of sitting in a weirdly-lit room while a bejeweled woman reveals all of our “secrets.” For me, tarot is neither one of those. The questions and images of each card in the tarot can be used as an applied psychology tool of change-work. Combining tarot and traditional hypnotherapy then becomes a powerful tool for looking at specific problems or goals in our lives. It can lead us into places of deeper insight and connection.

Tarot is best applied as a single session for personal reflection or as an initial conversation leading to traditional hypnotherapy.

1-1 Traditional Hypnotherapy Sessions

Please plan for 45-60min

Hypnotherapy sessions are powerful tools for identifying and addressing root issues that fuel our destructive and stress-reactive behaviors. There is no magic here. You won’t be put to sleep or asked to bark like a dog. Instead, in a traditional hypnotherapy session, you will be led through a series of meditational conversations designed to uncover the root of your limiting beliefs and reframe those into an actionable goal. Hypnotherapy can help with most emotional and anxiety-driven behaviors that are manifesting in your life. Schedule your first conversation with me today.

Six traditional hypnotherapy sessions are typical to address most issues. Clients may request certified Coaching or NLP sessions to further address and implement their change-work beyond their hypnotherapy sessions.

Yoga Sessions

60 minutes

Online Session


4 Session Pack – $320

(2 mo expiration on session packs)


Tarot Sessions

Please plan for 45-60 minutes

Online Session


-$25 non-refundable booking deposit

-Balance due at time of session.


Traditional Hypnotherapy 

Please plan for 45-60 minutes;

Online Session


-$50 non-refundable booking deposit

-Balance due at time of session