Don’t just listen to me. Here’s what people say about classes and 1-1 sessions with me.

Accessing the Class Library is Worth the Money!

I learned a great deal during the meditation retreat. Although I did not participate in the live sessions, I did listen to the recordings within a few days after they were posted. I appreciate having the opportunity to due this on my own time and is a major reason why I became an unlimited member. I strongly encourage others to join the Unlimited Membership. From the meditation retreat, I learned to look at myself from outside myself and this helped me to be more objective, more centered, and carry this forward in what I think, feel, and do each day.

Life-Altering Meditation Skills

I just finished an online six week meditation retreat with Jenni that was excellent!!! It helped me to not only set appropriate goals for myself, but also to start implementing those goals to help me live a more fulfilling life. I learned how to develop some new habits which will prevent me from continuing to depend on old habits that were keeping me stuck and preventing me from making progress. I found this retreat to be extremely beneficial and life altering!!!

Best Yoga Studio in Indiana!

Love, love, love this place mainly because of the welcoming atmosphere and relaxed vibe of the people who work there! If you’re lucky you will see Ruby the owners pup! She is very friendly! The instructors genuinely love what they do and are passionate about yoga. The instructors are always learning more to teach the students as well. Best yoga studio in Indiana for sure! Check them out!

Blown Away!

I had an amazing tarot session with Jenni. Jenni and the cards were on the money with the life situation I am experiencing. You will walk away from one of these sessions with a different perceptive or the confirmation that at this time, keep pushing forward. I love that she provided a link to download and review the session at a later date. I cannot express how blown away I am with Jenni and her abilities! I highly recommended getting tarot session. I know I will be rebooking!
- Nancy

More Than a Yoga Studio

Evolutions is more than a yoga studio offering virtual classes, it’s a family, a community. The teachers are so kind and fun and meet each student where they are. The other students are warm and welcoming. It is truly a community but at a safe distance which is so important for mental and physical health right now.

Welcoming and Friendly

I have recently began a beginner’s series at Evolutions and I love the people and the atmosphere.  It’s very welcoming and friendly and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to practice. I happened to come upon this place on google because I was trying to find a yoga place to learn more about the practice and this place came up on my search.  I am so pleased that it did because I have had the best experience and I can feel such a difference in my flexibility.

I Fell in Love

Stepping way out of my comfort zone, I purchased a session at Evolutions Yoga, and I fell in love with the place. As someone new to yoga, I found them to be very friendly and helpful, and I never felt uncomfortable. I left the place feeling calmed and centered. I’ve since tried out other options in the area, but have not found anything I even remotely liked, I’ll be back to Evolutions soon.

Moving Meditation

I loved my first class. I kept coming back and I wasn’t sure what made it so appealing until Jenni described it as eventually becoming a moving meditation.  At that point it dawned on me that she had just put into words what had always been my experience of and the main appeal of yoga for me.  I find these gently offered bits of thoughtful, inspirational, and encouraging information add a lot to the meditative experience of a class at Evolutions.  Don’t get me wrong, the classes are challenging, vigorous and the time flies by.  You know you have challenged your body and have had the opportunity to grow in your practice when you finish class!

I Love Online Classes Now!

Before Covid-19 struck, Jenni started her online yoga/meditation community of classes- and to me, it only seemed right to do yoga in a studio. Well, the pandemic forced me to turn to yoga online (via zoom) and I don’t think I will ever go back to being in a studio! Jenni’s tone of voice and knowledge of tips makes me perform yoga to the best of my ability. She really knows what she is talking about and I have learned SO much from her! She is very open to questions and never makes you feel like an outcast for not knowing something.

Jenni Excels at Personalized Instruction

I have been working with Jenni for several years, both in the studio and via zoom for the past year. Jenni excels at personalized instruction.  She takes the time to get to know you well and understand how you and your body work. I always tell her to push me to my edge and she always delivers.  Jenni now has a library of her podcasts that includes meditations as well as previous yoga/flexibility sessions. This can be accessed by signing up as a Patron and is well worth the money.  This is great!  I have a more fulfilling life by having Jenni in it.

I Absolutely Love Online Classes!

I have loved Evolutions ever since I started six years ago!  I’ll admit that I was apprehensive at first when we went to all online but now I absolutely love having classes online!!!  I don’t have to worry about all that drive time, bad weather, etc. I can practice right in my own home or wherever I happen to be if I’m traveling.  I can have my practice space any temperature I like since it’s my own space and can listen to any music I want. I still get to talk to my yoga friends before and after class. And I find that I am practicing more often and with much more consistency now that I can practice from home. I’m nearing 70 years old and I am amazed at how flexible and active I continue to be because of my yoga classes!  Evolutions has definitely helped me make positive lifestyle changes!!!

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