The Men of Yoga

Author: Jennifer Keith, CPT, E-RYT
Co-Founder Evolutions @ Yoga

Introducing The Men of Yoga

The Men of Yoga: Day 1

Hey Hey! This next week we’re introducing you to The Men of Yoga. It wasn’t all that long ago that us women couldn’t practice the physical postures or even meditation from a master teacher. The year was 1938 to be exact when the first woman Sri Ma Indra Devi, a white woman from Russia decided to show her dedication to the teachings of practice to be granted entry into Master Krishnamacharya’s now famous school (via a 24hr/day fasting vigil in the Indian heat.) From that moment, a revolution began for women and the yoga industry has boomed to shadow the presence of the millions of men who practice and teach with dedication each and every day. This week we’ll introduce you to some of the men who are Serving the practice by inspiring other men to experience the benefits of the practice.

First up: Dylan Werner; specializes in teaching Hand Balance and Inversion, strength and stability development, and dynamic strength based flexibility for athletes


The Men of Yoga: Day 2

Patrick Beach; Patrick is new on the scene, but he is gaining popularity as a well-grounded and gifted inversion and hand balance instructor. His gentle and down-to-earth approach offers the baby steps to get you where you want to go in the practice.


The Men of Yoga: Sri Dharma Mittra

Sri Dharma Mittra is known most for his famous yoga black & white yoga poster of the most complex postures. At 76 years old Dharma is funny, kind, and strict in his teaching of the physical postures. He IS the backbend and inversion master of our time. Still today, this 76 year old master can free invert, and backbend like a boss. You’re never to old to rock it.


The Men of Yoga: Day 3

Let’s throw it back to the man that is responsible for the roots of the majority of the practice styles we see today, Sri T. Krishnamacharya. Krishnamacharya is known as the Father of Western Yoga, and many students are deeply influenced by his methods whether they know his name or not. A few notable students were sent to the West and developed their own styles such as Sri K Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga), BKS Iyengar, and Indra Devi. Sri Krishnamacharya was a dedicated student of yoga and lived his practice to the age of 101!!


The Men of Yoga

Duncan Wong; Duncan is one of the senior teachers on the scene with a huge following in Asia and Europe. His style is a blend of traditional yoga and the martial arts of his father. Duncan was deeply influenced by his father’s daily dedication to a martial arts practice and now teaches his students a deep sense of discipline and reverence toward the development of both body and mind. He recently had twins and is raising them with the love and kindness of the warrior spirit.


The Men of Yoga: Day 4 — Professional Athletes

Its no secret anymore that professional sports teams require their players to practice yoga to build endurance, stability, gain mental focus, and reduce injury. First up we’ve got six-time NBA All Star Joe Johnson who regularly practices Hot Yoga, and always on game days.


The Men of Yoga

3-Time ProBowl Running Back, Steven Jackson says that yoga is the secret behind his game.


The Men of Yoga — Professional Athletes

The Oakland Athletics MLB team even have their own yoga intructor on staff to create specialy designed sequences to enhance game performance and reduce injury!


The Men of Yoga: Day 5

Honza LaFond; Co-Founder of YogaBeyond. Honza has quickly become a master acroyoga teacher teaching students throughout the world the art of stability in a pose. Honza can usually be seen posing with his wife Claudine, and their sequencing has been featured in the music videos of Michael Franti.


The Men of Yoga

Gordon Ogden; Advanced Ashtanga student, father, rock climber, and social media inspiration.


The Men of Yoga: Day 6

Yep, yep… This is Mick Jaggar and the Rolling Stones backstage in 1970’s doing a little yoga before the show.


The Men of Yoga

Who’s tired of seeing Adam Levine doing yoga?? Me too… how about rock legend, Sting instead…. Its well known that Sting and Trudy Tyler are dedicated Ashtanga students of Sri K Pattabhi Jois and maintain a dynamic daily posture practice.


The Men of Yoga: Day 7

Master Ashtanga Instructor, David Swenson; David is one of the best authorized ashtanga instructors in the business. He is a delight to study with and offers a down-to-earth approach to a very dynamic and complex practice. He really believes anyone can practice yoga. Inspired and taught by his first teacher, Doug Swenson (his brother), David has dedicated his life to daily practice of the ashtanga method.


The Men of Yoga

We’ve had an amazing week introducing you to The Men of Yoga, and celebrating the hard work and discipline our brothers show to their practice. We’ve got 2 more to share with you until time! We hope some of our local brothers out there are ready to step up, roll out the mat, and join us @Evolutions.

Staff Sergeant Dan Nevins- US Army Operation Iraqi Freedom II Veteren turned yoga instructor.


The Men of Yoga: Day 7

Dice lida-Klein; Dice is known for his encouraging style of breaking down the fundamentals of complex strength based poses and offering plenty of tips and tricks to get you stronger and more stable. With his wife Briohny and their kiddos, Dice travels internationally teaching and offering classes online.


We hoped you’ve learned a bit and we’ll see you next time for our next @EvolutionsYoga Learning blog!