Evolutions Training FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Starting 2018/2019 Training Season the Programs have been completely updated! 

Disclaimer: Students who have completed any program before the 2018/2019 training which began October 2018 are not Myofascial Rx™ trained or certified and may not under any circumstances use that designation in their teaching or resume. Only students who have begun their initial training or are enrolled for CEU’s beginning with the 2018/2019 course will be permitted to use this designation and hold level 1 group classes for Myofascial Rx™ techniques and methods. Myofasical Rx™ is a trademarked educational method and the appropriate application process is underway for full trademark registration with the US Trademark and Patent office.

Evolutions Training Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga?

The answer to these questions are as varied as the number of people who read this.

At Evolutions we believe yoga is a science; a science of being human, a philosophy to understand how the world works, and a way of living mindfully. It is a lifepath which offers us practical tools that can unlock the answers to life’s biggest questions, while at the same time help us to be a little happier with today.

Evolutions is dedicated to the practice and our lead trainer has a daily study of over 35 years of real-life experience in extended practice of the higher consciousness techniques. The sources our program uses are historically accurate, and the teachers our lead trainer has learned from rarely grace the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine or engage in the selfie-revolution of Instagram. We believe in a practice that emphasizes living life, and working every day to be your best self….

We believe the search begins right there inside you.

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Who is the Evolutions Training Program for?


We continually see a need to train dedicated students who are hungry to know more about yoga, or to train up coming teachers in proper methodology and introduce the Vidya to the next generation before it is completely lost to the commercialism of Yoga media. Many programs out there are run by absolutely wonderful fitness instructors, but lack the proper wisdom training and longevity with the yogic practices. This leaves the science being warped into a hodge-podge of practices which have no context, or are just untrue.

Evolutions’ way is not the right way, or the only way… It is a way, the way of  our teachers going back through solid historical traces. Our program creates a platform from which you will feel confident to do your own research, ask tough questions about modern practices, and begin to recognize the new from the historical.

Whether you want to learn for yourself, teach, or need continuing education to up your skillset…
We’ve got you covered.

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What is the difference between the Personal Development program and YTT200/Continuing Ed programs?

The Personal Development program is geared toward dedicated yoga students who would like to learn more about yoga and expand their awareness of Body, Mind, and Being but have no desire to teach others, or simply understand that they haven’t been practicing long enough to take on the responsibilities that come with teaching others.

The YTT200 & 100hr Continuing Education programs are for dedicated yoga students with at least 2 years of practice under the guidance of a live teacher who are ready to commit to becoming a yoga instructor, or who have already completed a 200 or 500 hr program. YTT200 students and 100hr Continuing ed students must complete all program requirements in good standing according to the guidelines of Evolutions and the Yoga Alliance.

** Student must attend all meetings, complete all assignments, exams, and practicum requirements. A minimum of 180 contact hours with the lead trainer are required for YTT200 students, and a minimum of 100 contact hours are required for continuing education students – no exceptions. Enrollments and complete payment does not guarantee graduation or issuance of CEU’s if all program requirements and Yoga Alliance standards have not been met.

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Will I be able to register with the Yoga Alliance©?


Evolutions Yoga is a Registered Yoga School at the 200 hour level through the Yoga Alliance© and a registered YACEP provider.

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What is an Monthly or Yearly Unlimited Pass? How do I get the Unlimited Pass Discount?

On our pricing page you will find options to purchase either a Monthly Unlimited or Yearly Unlimited pass. The passes allow you access to any group class on our regular schedule. This is an excellent way for all students to take their classes weekly without having to worry about anything other that focusing on your own study. 

To receive this discount you must start or currently have a Monthly or Yearly Unlimited pass one month prior to paying your deposit and you must remain on the Monthly/Yearly pass until one month after the course ends. In the event that you decide to end your Monthly pass early, your account will be automatically charged the balance of the discounted rate you received. If your balance cannot be paid off, any all all graduation documents for YTT200 or 100hr Continuing Education CEU’s will be withheld until your account is cleared up.  


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How do I register for the Programs?

1. Click the Program button you wish to enroll
2. When the contract enrollment screen appears: LOG INTO YOUR MINDBODY ACCOUNT BEFORE SELECTING ANYTHING!
3. Once logged in: Choose your Program Contract From the Drop-Down Menu
4. CHOOSE Start Date October 1 2018
5. Look to see that your name and information have populated correctly on your Program contract
7. Select “I Agree” if you wish to enroll and pay your enrollment deposit
8. Click “Make Purchase” and follow the payments prompts to make your enrollment deposit
9. Within 5 business days your enrollment pending will be reviewed and the proper charges for your program will be added to your account to be paid by Program due dates.

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How do I make payments to my MINDBODY account to pay off my remaining balance?

  1. Login to MINDBODY
  2. Click on the @Store tab near the top right of your browser.
  3. Select Account Payments just below the tabs, third from the right.
  4. Account Payments:
    • OPEN PAYMENT – This payment option is available for all students. Use this Account Payment option input any desired amount. This option defaults to the @Immersion Only remaining balance of $1,700 but can be changed to reflect your desired amount of Account Payment.
  5. Once you have selected the Account Payment option, click “Make Purchase” button in the lower right hand corner.
  6. Complete the payment by Check Out.

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How do I access and view my MINDBODY Account, balance, and details?

  1. Login to MINDBODY using the link in the top right of the website, “Student Login” or CLICK HERE.
  2. Use your existing login information.
    • If you do not remember your username, email, or password, please email info@evolutionsyoga.com to have your information sent to you.
    • Please DO NOT create a new account if you have been to the studio. Instead, use the email you provided when you filled out your Waiver. Again, if you have forgotten, please email info@evolutionsyoga.com to have your information sent to you.
  3. Click on the My Info tab near the top right of your browser

    To View:

    • Account Balance and Contracts: Select Account just below the tabs, second from the right.
    • Billing and Contact Information: Select Profile just below the tabs, first on the left.
    • Schedule: Select My Schedule just below the tabs, second from the left.

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What is the refund policy for the programs?

The Yoga Alliance requires all training programs to have a refund policy in place in the event that things just don’t work out. Evolutions refund policy is as follows: Full refund given up until the first day of class. 50% refund given until the 89th day of the program term. After 90 days and beyond no refunds will be offered for any reason.